“For us success is defined by your fulfillment and growth”

At 4Delta, technology is at the core of everything that we do.

Simply put, researching your needs and developing breakthrough solutions formulates and encapsulates our purpose.

4 stands for People, Arts, Nature, and Knowledge. People are empowered by the projects we create. The Arts influence us, and we support its growth. Nature is our inspiration, and her protection is engraved on our approaches. Knowledge is central to our growth, enhancing it, is what defines us.

Delta stands for dimensions. As much as simplicity can be praised for its elegance, so can complexity for its sophistication. The world is a multidimensional ecosystem and this is acknowledged in our work. Our projects are not monolithic, they are forged from multi-sector partnerships aiming at shaping the future.

Our work is dynamic and we aim for transformational solutions in everything that we do. Identifying and foreseeing the needs of society is what drives our ventures’ formation. To date we have created three living startup projects in the field of education, communication and entrepreneurship:

4Delta Education is a blended training solution aiming to educate the next generation of vocational technologists. It was founded based on the need to tackle skill-shortage requirements in Industry 4.0

IRIDA is a platform that revolutionises the efficiency and impact of communication as we know it. Using technologies from the world of machine learning we aim to redefine how professionals interact.

4Delta iV Lab is an ideas-development vessel. At the Intelligent Ventures Lab we work with early-stage entrepreneurs helping them to achieve their mission. Through a combination of operational and strategic consultancy, we guide projects we believe in, towards a path to success.

And so, this is 4Delta, a place where breakthrough ideas of tomorrow are happening today and our unquenched curiosity for the unknown guides us into the future.

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Warm wishes,

Achilleas Sesis, Founder