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"We live in an age where the rigid boundaries of science and engineering are reforming into new fluid thematics, but Nature was always there" - A. Sesis, Founder of 4Delta Group

Welcome to 4Delta a Training and Technology company

Established in London, 2014, 4Delta embraces revolutionary ideas in applied, formal and natural sciences to educate, research and develop disruptive technologies.

Our vision is to lead a materials revolution towards a more secure, sustainable and fairer world.

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What We Do

Focusing on the tool of 3D printing we aim to educate curious minds with the right knowledge and skills for innovation. We do this through a carefully formulated CAD and 3D printing course.PDF


We are looking for collaborative R&D projects encapsulating our drive to achieve transformational changes rather than incremental advances, technologies challenging traditional methods and partners for shaping the future. Get in touch.

We have opened our printers to the world of 3D Hubs.

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Achilleas LinkedIn

Achilleas, a visionary scientist and curious engineer, is the founder and managing director of 4Delta Group. Previously he worked at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory as a higher research scientist in the fields of ultrasonic processing of nanomaterials, organic electronics and nanoscale contact mechanics. His academic research expands into various topics, including: spacecraft engineering, nanoscale reinforcement of polymer composites, ionizing radiation and mechanochemical characterisation of carbon nanomaterials.

Achilleas is an advocate of bio-inspired engineering and believes that solutions for the advancement in materials are locked into elegant molecular architectures throughout the natural world. If you do not want to talk to him about science, you can discuss his love of photography and cuisine.

George LinkedIn

George is a passionate aircraft engineer, able to pinpoint the right nut and bolt for most flying machines including the ones you have flown in. He joined 4Delta as our design engineer and currently heads our educational division. Before this he was a key member of the engineering support for various major aircraft carriers. His academic background lies in the field of aerospace engineering, with an acute interest in computer-aided design, finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. He is a keen promoter of aerospace careers to young people and currently pursuing his second MSc in space technology and planetary exploration.

Away from the noise of engines you will find him enthusiastically concentrating on his musical and physical workouts, the former requiring his Fender guitar.

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